About Me

Oklahoma State student working toward a career in Sports Journalism and/or Public Relations

Coach E, that’s me! I am a senior at Oklahoma State University, majoring in Sports Media with an interest in Journalism and Public Relations. I can keep up with the big dogs in any topic and am here to prove my worth as I press on to fulfill my dream in the sport industry. I look forward to working with a sports team or organization as a PR agent.

I maintain a 3.6 GPA in classes pertaining to my degree plan and learn from my professors and my mistakes on a daily basis. I have recently been published in the Stillwater News Press and granted an internship with the communications group in the athletics department at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, for summer 2015.

I am a 4-year member of the OSU Paddle People organization, showing loyalty and school spirit at countless sporting events, and a member of the OSU Sports Media Club, attending meetings regularly and participating in events hosted by said group.

To find out more about me, please take less than a minute to watch my personal introduction video and visit my social media profiles listed below.